Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rain, rain, go away already

I am a week away from Christmas. Ben came home from school sick, my house could use a good cleaning and my Christmas card list is getting shorter and shorter. Every year I kind of "hit the Christmas wall". We joke that one of our family traditions is the annual throwing out of the cookie dough. This year, it just might happen again :0)
December is usually grey and rainy around here. It can be a big Christmas buzzkill. The thought of leaving the house is not a pleasant one. One of my favorite scenes in Forrest Gump is when he is in Viet Nam and talking about the different kinds of rain. (I think he was actually in Seattle) He talks about the "big, fat rain". Today I was driving around and the raindrops were the size of nickles. It almost looked like snow, but it was 45 degrees. These are the kind of raindrops that soak you instantly. There is no defense. They aways find the back of your neck. It is so not fun. At least with snow, it is pretty. Rain, not so much. Everywhere has snow, but us. Just a light dusting to help motivate me, isn't too much to ask, is it?


Jenny said...

We never get enough rain. This has been one of our wetest beginnings of Summer for years. Maybe there is some way your rain could be transported down here!
I have heard that Seattle in one of the rainiest areas in America.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean by 'hitting the Christmas wall'. This afternoon it's hot and humid and I feel so over it all.

Kellie said...

It's already snowed four or five times here. It's white; it's still relatively pretty, despite the brown snow near the roads. But this Sunday's forecast? Rain, and lots of it -- guaranteed to take our White Christmas away, the weather guy said. Yuck.
And I've hit the Christmas wall too. We had three parties yesterday -- school, library and Girl Scouts -- and we have one tonight and one Sunday. I'm Scrooge. I just want to sit around and watch holiday movies.