Sunday, April 29, 2007

You say it's your birthday!!!

When I was in Kindergarten there were two Jennys. One was Jenny T. and the other was Jenny P. Even though Jenny T. moved away in first grade, Jenny P. continued on as "Jenny P." (at least in our house). Jenny P is the kind of friend that you have had forever and will continue to have until you are both in rockers at the home.

We could not be any more opposite, but we still manage to have a blast when we are together. Even though it might be a while between visits, we always pick up wherever we left off.

We have had more than our share of adventures and we can still recite all the words to "Sixteen Candles".

One of the best scenes in that movie is when Farmer Ted and Sam are sitting in the autoshop and he busts out with "You say it's your birthday". Upon hearing what an awful birthday she is having he feels her pain and switches to "Hey Jude". I always laugh. Anyhoo, I think it was when Jenny P. turned 16 I called her on her birthday and busted out my best Farmer Ted. Since then, no birthday has passed for either of us without the serenade. For me, my bday isn't complete until I pick up the phone and hear "BNNNN, You say it's your birthday!" Well today is Jenny P.'s birthday and I will once again call her up, sing our silly song and catch up with a very dear friend.

Happy Birthday Jenny P.!!!!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Don't Mess with Ichiro

Last night was Ichiro bobble head night. Joji got a last minute ticket and Ben was very excited to see the latest edition to his collection this morning. Tonight Sammie thought it would be fun to play with Ichiro and have him do some headstands. When I saw what she was doing I asked Ben to take away Ichiro before Daddy went ballistic. When Sammie asked Ben what I had said he turned to her and said, "You need to give me Ichiro before Dad gets a glue stick". :0)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Frog Prince

Every year, one of the things I look forward to is planting "my frog". He has had a number of different flowers in him, but this year he gets good ol' pansies. I love the color of these. They remind me of faded jeans.

I can't wait until the pansies are spilling all over.

Right now he is on my front porch. I don't know if he will stay there. I like to tuck him away under the Rhodie in the back so I can see him out my kitchen window. Makes washing dishes a little more enjoyable.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Hens

Once a month it is our turn to host the "DND guys". I really enjoy this because it gives me an excuse to cook big meals and try new recipes. The guys are great. They will eat anything and are very easy to please. This group has been getting together for years and has slowly changed from a groups of bachelors to mostly old married men. The best part for me has been Jessica. She was the second to join the "DND wives" which are now referred to as "the hens".

It is so great when she comes down on game night. We can sit and chat for hours. You name it we have discussed it. Just good old fashioned girl talk, too fun. One topic that seems to come up a lot is life married to an engineer. We certainly got a good chuckle out of tonight's burning question: "How many engineers does it take to check a meatloaf?" Trust me, you don't want to know :0)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


It has been a very gloomy few months. Not a lot of sunshine. No sunshine = lack of energy. So to help shake off the cobwebs (literally) I've decided to throw a little girly lunch. Sammie is excited to have her friends over for "tea" and I'm excited to have my friends over as well. Now I am in the throws of getting the house ready. The routine is always the same. Start with a long list of things that no one will ever notice (except for me), focus on the "least of my worries" and then cut the list down to "the basics" just before everyone arrives.
My husband's response to the pre festivities panic is always the same, "why do you stress yourself out?" He doesn't get it, but that's okay.
I'm just glad that I have a great group of friends who are not going to enter my house armed with white gloves. Instead we will spend the time enjoying each other's company and hopefully some yummy food to boot.