Monday, November 15, 2010

It's about time...

Way back I mentioned I wanted to paint my cabinets white.

I had icky orangey oak cabinets and I was not a fan.

I painted one to see if I would like it and I did.

Now with the Christmas Party looming, I had to get it done.

Very exciting... more pics soon.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank a Vet

Here is a picture of my two favorite Vets. My dad and his best friend Ken. It was taking at Fort Lewis, WA when I was about a year old (that's me in the pink coat)

My dad was supposed to go to Viet Nam, but he didn't. I'm glad because so many never came back. Shrapnel in the Heart is a collection of letters and essays left at the Viet Nam War Memorial. You will definitely need a box of Kleenex or two, but it is an amazing, heartbreaking reminder of the true cost of war and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Home of the free because of the brave

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soup's On

Last night I had the DND boys over (well, at least two of them) and I decided to try Italian Stracciatella with Mini Meatballs, Tortellini and Baby Spinach. I've recently discovered the Bitchen Kitchen and this was from Nadia's last episode. I wish I would of had the time to make the stock myself, but I used the "fancy boxed stuff" from costco and it seemed to work just fine (although I think the homemade stuff would have a deeper flavor, but that is just me) I would also bump up the amount of stock to 8 cups (with only 6 C, the "stuff" to liquid ratio was a bit off)

Anyhoo, this soup could not be any more simple and with a little prep (make the meatballs ahead of time and throw them in the freezer) could totally become a "go to" from the pantry meal. With the fall weather now upon us (in W. WA that mean, rain, rain and more rain) a nice bowl of soup can really hit the spot. I served it up with some good old roasted garlic bread for costco (aka crack) and it made a nice filling but not to heavy meal.