Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello...Is there anybody out there?

Instead of Pink Floyd, how about some pink peonies. My peonies are aobut to burst and I can't wait. They are such a pretty flower. I just love them.
I can't believe it is already June. Where did May go. It was a blur I tell you. After I got back from my WONDERFUL trip to AZ, it seemed to be non-stop stuff. Usually May drags on and on, but not this year. Hopefully June will be a little more slow going. So far things are looking good.
Here in the Great Northwest we are going on 2 weeks of sun. That never happens and it is in the 80's today (again, rarely happens) I think today will the day that the news stops reporting "fantastic weather" and focus on when will "Heatwave 09" end. We have very slow news days around here apparently.
Hope it is sunny wherever you are!!
Happy Tuesday Y'all.


debra said...

Hi there!

Nice to 'see' you. Glad you had a good trip to AZ. Our May was busy, too. June is starting out that way - hope it slows down soon.

Glad your weather is 'summery'. Last June, when I was visiting Vashon Island, it was cold and rainy. I should have come this year, but who knew? Enjoy.

Have a great day!

WSU Laura said...

Well hello stranger! Like I'm one to talk. ;-) Glad you had fun on your trip. Thanks for bringing the sun back with you. Have a great weekend.

Timi said...

Your peonies are beautiful! Mine haven't gotten close to blooming yet. I'm going to have lots of blooms once they decided to do it.
Love them!

Another beautiful weekend in Washington.

Jenny said...

Those are gorgeous flowers.
Are you going to post some pics from your trip in April?

Coastal Nest. said...

Oh, my word!!!!
Those are some kick ass peonies!!
I just got done walking my little reagan to school and came around the corner and saw 3 white ones in bloom here in my yard! I do love me some peony..I think it might be coming my fave..