Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tackle Clutter Tuesday #3 (the Wednesday edition)

A few months back I showed a picture of my junk drawer. 
Here is a quick reminder of it. 

What seems to be my biggest challenge is the randomness of clutter.  Believe it or not I can really organize the dickens out of a space.  It looks beautiful until something random that I didn't account for shows up and then I start down that slippery slope of "just cram it in there and I will find a home for it later" (yeah, like that ever happens) So a few days after my junk drawer post I decided to clean it out.  I purged and zoned and contained.  It took maybe 15 minutes.
As I was taking something out of there the other day I noticed that it was still in pretty good shape.  I think the key was small containers that held specific things as well as leaving a little extra room for that random thing or two that would surely show up.
Here is my junk drawer yesterday. 

I was temped to primp it a bit, but I thought that was cheating.  When I looked back and saw that I organized it back in November and it still looked pretty good. I was a happy camper.  I am hoping to feed off that good clutter busting juju and tackle another part of my house.  Despite my lack of posts, I have been tackling some major clutter around here, but the thing is... my I must clean out the shed RIGHT NOW or I will go insane doesn't always correspond with having camera in hand for the ever cruial before shot.  I'm trying to be better about that. 

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Jenny said...

That's it!! I am going to clean out our 'junk draw' today. Maybe watch some TV while I'm doing it, or have a glass of wine...