Monday, August 27, 2012

In the blink of an eye...

From this

to this

Saturday night was our 25th high school reunion. 
Still seems very weird to me. 
I was a Sr. class officer so I got to help plan the 10th.  It was a nightmare (the planning not the actual event) but I swore I would never plan another one.  We didn't go to our 20th, but the chick who planned it ran into the same problems we did with the 10th. 
Fast forward a few years and the introduction of Facebook (cue the angels singing)
Last summer the class of '86 hosted an informal get together at a local bar and I went.  It was fun and so much more relaxed than regular reunion.  When the question was asked "are we doing anything for our 25th?" I suggested we follow suit and keep it simple.  This time around all it took was a phone call to reserve space at the bar and a "be there or be square" post on FB. 
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.
We had about 80 folks show up which was a nice size ~ made it easy to "work the room".  I'm hoping for the 30th (gulp) we have a few more folks show up, but keep it an easy going affair. 
After all it isn't about the fancy food or the screaming loud DJ. You go to catch up with folks who "knew you when..." and relive the good old days. 
It's all about feeling 17 again, even if it is for just one night every 5 years.

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