Saturday, February 27, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow?

If only hours watching Victory Garden and Gardening with Cisco translated into a beautiful garden.
I love the idea of a beautiful lush garden. 
I think I have a semi green thumb.
Unfortunately I also have a lazy behind.

(Yay me for finally cleaning out the raised beds. Not too bad for 30 min)
Every year about this time, I get serious spring fever.
Bulbs busting through the ground  and primroses at the grocery store always suck me in.
(Yay for the bulbs I actually planted and mental note to plant more next year)

I start planning what kind of wonderful stuff I will plant. I look forward to the perennials that get better each year and thinking about which annuals I can tuck in between them. 

(always exciting to see the peonies start poking up through the ground)

I also am a fan of the idea of a veggie garden.  I'm not a big veggie fan, but every year I tell myself "it will taste better if I grow it myself."  The jury is still out on this. I grow lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and asparagus. I start out strong, but mid July when my garden really gets going and needs me the most I kind of peter out.  My veggie garden is on the side of our house so I think it is an "out of sight out of mind" kind of thing.  Who knows, but I'm going to try again this year.
The dream is a perennial garden.  Plant it once and enjoy it for year (in theory).  That was the hope
for the asparagus, but it just hasn't taken off like I had hoped. Maybe THIS will be the year.  On the other hand my rhubarb looks to be off to a strong start. 

With the PNW experiencing such a mild winter, Spring seems to be springing early.  Won't be long before the siren song of nurseries and plant displays out side of the local grocery stores start calling my name.
What are you planting this year??

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