Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Snowing!!

I know Laura and poor Timi are probably rolling their eyes right now, but I'm so happy to see the snow has come back to our neck of the woods. I'm really hoping it continues, because they just might cancell the PTA meeting for tonight. I know I'm evil.
I guess I am the eternal 10 year old who just gets giddy when the snow shows up. My kids don't get that excited, but I sure do. I'm already hoping for another snowday. I know I will be regretting this once summer rolls around and we are in school until July, but right now, a snow day is just what the doctor ordered. I find that snow is so peaceful and calming. I love how it hides my gardens and yard that are in dire need of attention. It just seems to cover up all the messy things that are happening and replaces it with quiet calm.
I love the snow.


debra said...

:) Lucky you!! We were actually really close to getting snow here - it was about 35 and raining most of the nice. We did have ice on the windows of the car - about as close as we'll get, I guess. Have fun!

Timi said...

I'm wishing the snow your way! You can have it all!