Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

I need me some spring.
I need my flowers to bloom.
I need to see the plants I thought were killed by the snow this year are actually alive.
I need my little local nursery to open to I can walk around and smell the yummy smells of freshly watered plants.
I need a freshly mowed lawn.
I need happy flowers planted in the pots on my front steps.
I need the gray to go on vacation at least for a few days.
I need me some spring.


Coastal Nest. said...

first off, I know what you mean about the mud, our kids always have dark uniforms for baseball just for that reason. I feel your pain, they love it tho!

I got those at a half off close out buy one get one 3/4 off when I was at Seattle Gift show a few years back, they were discustingly cheap cheap cheap. (like $2 each.) Awesome ceramic pieces, I love them. Also, the white one in the basket.
Hurry UP spring!

debra said...

It's here! Come down and see - but hurry since summer will likely be here in about 10 minutes! :)