Monday, March 29, 2010

Interior Windows

When we bought our house, one of the things we loved was how the previous owners "bumped out" the back of our house. In doing so, the master bedroom doubled in size. However, instead of making it one large room, it is two small rooms with a doorway where the window was.

Anyway, the "bumped out" part of the room faces east and gets the best light. Unfortunately, the original bedroom space is now windowless and stays pretty dark.

Last June I was at a Funky Junk Sisters' show and found a pair of salvaged windows. I know immediately where I wanted to put them.

With the promise of some baked goods, Joj and Jim installed the windows on each side of the opening. I LOVE them. They let in light and really connect the two spaces.


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~*Marie*~ said...

Isn't it nice to let the light in? Now if I could only have some sunshine here in CT!!! I am building my Ark now, I think I may need it. LOL! Hopefully the rain will end tomorrow and we will finally have some nice weather. I really want to get started on home home renovations around here, you are lucky you were able to get some done!! Good for you.

debra said...

That looks great! What a neat idea. :)

Jenny said...

That is a great idea! Well done.