Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've got the blues

So on my quest for that perfect blue I came across this photo.

It is from Cynthia's Cottage Design and I just LOVE it. (Speaking of love, her blog makes me wish I could just crawl through my computer and live in her house, especially her kitchen) She has so much talent for pulling the cutest stuff together and I like that she is also a fan of the color blue. Anyway, I zipped her an email asking her what color she used on the island and she wrote me back saying it was Yarmouth Blue. I'm hitting the Home Depot tomorrow to pick up a little test pot and I can't wait to see how it looks. Isn't blogland great? So many talented women who are willing to help a girl out.
Thanks Cyndie!!

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Debra said...

I just love that, too! I may go get some - just in case. If that doesn't work out I love Sea Breath by Valspar (Lowes). It's a touch darker and maybe has a little more green in it but not much. I am in the process of painting my hallway blue - my husband's idea - I am using Merry Go Round by Olympic - also at Lowe's. Love the color but not sure about having it in the hall. I post pictures soon!

Can't wait to see your cabinets.