Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome Back

So today was the first day of school. Ben was off to 6th grade at Meeker MS and Sam was back at Browns Pt. for second grade. I wish our summer had been longer. The two weeks of sunshine just didn't hack it for a "summer" this year. Oh well.

We had our annual "BooHoo ~ WooHoo Breakfast" today. I really enjoy this tradition. We had a few teary moms and dads and I was so glad they had a place to go for some comfort and support. Only one kiddo had to be pried out of mama's arms. It was plain to see it was just as stressful for the mom as the little girl. However, I popped into the classroom not but 5 minutes later and the little girl was happy as a clam. When I told the mom her little girl was doing great, you could just see the tension leave her body. Her little one was going to be okay and so was she.

I'm a big believer in the "village" approach to raising kids. As moms we have all been in a place where all you need is someone to say, "it's okay, you are going to be fine" and the great thing is that they are right.

Happy first day of school to all the moms out there!!


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