Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What the heart wants

When Joji and I first bought our house, he got me a Feng Shui consultation as a Christmas gift. I was so excited. I'm a big believer in the energy that stuff has (good and bad). She divided out house into different areas called a "bagua" and each zone had different "rules". Our kitchen fell into the "heart" zone of the bagua. Since it was the "heart" she recommended painting it red. I had just spent 6 months going through 5 different shades of yellow and was not looking forward to painting the kitchen again. Red is a tricky color (just like yellow) and I decided to go with a cranberry color (Cranberry Punch) It took 3 coats, yikes. When it was done, I liked it. It was different it was bold and my blue and white stuff really popped. When folks would come over for the first time, they always commented on how great the kitchen looked. However, I think I'm done with it. My kitchen is West facing and it is just too dark on gloomy days and unfortunately I live in the heart of Gloomvile.
My favorite blogcandy is pictures of other people's kitchens. Some of you have pretty amazingly cute kitchens. I'm always especially drawn to blue and yellow kitchens with white cabinets. They are so sunny and happy. So that got me thinking... One of the major practices of Feng shui is to surround yourself with things you love, love, love. Right now not loving my red kitchen. When I asked Joji for his input he said I could do anything I want. (Did you notice there was no "we" in that statement) Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to do.
My cabinets have kind of a gold tone to them, which up against the red make them look orange to me. Not a good look. So before I rid my kitchens of the cranberry walls (which I do like), I think I will paint my cabinets. I'm thinking a nice warm white. (If you have painted your cabinets and have "a good white" please let me know what you used.) I think the white cabinets will really lighten things up and white cabinets are just so fresh looking. Perfect for spring :0)


debra said...

Thank you for visiting my blog a while back. It is nice that someone saw it besides me! :) I just read your lastest post about your kitchen cabinets - We (I mean me) have been pondering painting our cabinets white for over a year. I am finally ready to tackle it. I want to finish my taxes (fun stuff) and then really concentrate on it. I will let you know what I decide about the paint.

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Jenny said...

White for the cabinets is a great idea. We probably have different names/brands here.
I love the red colour too. Could you leave it with white cabinets?

Belle-ah said...

As a forever tinkerer (is that a word?) with my kitchen I completely understand your desire to get just the right feel going on. Painting my cabinets is a possibiliy as is changine appliace colors (???). Thanks for coming by Southern Somedays.

Marie said...

If you go back on my blog a bit you will see that I painted my cabinets an antique white (whites comes out a soft yellow) and the walls are a dark slate (tops) and the bottoms are a soft buttery country white. I like it a lot and it makes my country kitchen very bright. I have two very big windows but they are on opposite sides of the very big kitchen so they don't always let in a lot of light. I would do the whole kitchen over if I had the money but for a quick fix the painting of the cabinets was a good fix. I think this summer I am going to cut out holes in the doors and add wire on the top cabinets. It will give it even more of a rustic, primitive country feel. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

Jenny said...

I like the new banner.