Friday, April 1, 2011

From the way back file...

I was looking through old posts the other day and I came across one that made me laugh and in the spirit of the day I thought I would share it again.

To truly appreciate this you need to have a little back story. The preschool that I was involved in had recently acquired a historic building to call home. We had also spent almost every penny that we had been scrimping and saving for the last 20 years to rehab the building. The most recent project was to drop 150K to replace the 500 window panes in building.

As we all know, when money is tight folks tend to get a little cranky. As the president at the time, I was the one who got to hear how cranky everyone was. So when we discovered our beloved building had begun to settle I just couldn't resist and I sent out the following letter. Needless to say, not everyone saw the humor and it was "suggested" I make more appropriate choices when using my email.

Good Morning Everyone,

I just got a call from our insurance company and it seems the the settling has caused great amounts of structural damage. In fact the amount of work it would take to repair the damage is far greater than the insurance company is willing to pay. In fact, for safety reasons, the recommendation is for the school to be demolished. I know, I know, after all our hard work it has come down to this. Also unfortunate is the fact that NE Tacoma has no available spaces for our program to move. The churches in our area already have programs of their own. So it is with a heavy heart to let you all know that after almost 50 years this will most likely be the final year for the Northpoint Co-op. This is such a difficult email for me to write. Just take comfort in the fact it is the first of April and I will see you all after spring break, refreshed and ready to enjoy spring at the co-op.

Happy April Fool's Day :0)

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Arif Ammar said...

Past is always happy and shinning in our brain.