Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Clutter Question

Last night Ben was looking for a pencil sharpener. I told him there was one in the junk drawer.

He said there wasn't. We went back and forth before he gave up and searched elsewhere. This morning I opened the junk drawer to prove I was right. Yup, I couldn't find it either.
I started thinking about clutter and holy grail of "clutter free". I've read about it. I've seen pictures of it, but my question is how is it actually achieved?? More specifically, do clutter free folks just throw all the little randomness away??
All the rubberbands, pens, plastic forks...all the "overflow" that starts to take over.
So for those of you who read this little blog, PLEASE answer this question...
Are you a clutter tosser?
I need to know.
Okay, I'm off to deal with the junk drawer
Happy Sunday


Debra said...

That drawer looks familiar! :) I have no idea how the clutter free folks do it. They must not keep all that stuff. I do throw rubber bands away and then my husband 'yells' at me when he needs one & I've thrown them out. haha. I just threw out about 50 plastic forks and those little packets that come w/ 'sporks', napkins, salt and pepper. Figured I would never use them.

I feel like I am always throwing stuff out but there's still so much here. I'll let you know if I ever figure it out!

Candy said...

I am a clutter tosser. I can't stand it--if it doesn't have a designated place in the house, then out it goes. (The sad thing is that most everything has a designated place in our house.)It's the only way my brain can function peacefully!

Unknown said...

Even clutter has a place. 'Kitchen clutter' belongs in the kitchen. "Office clutter' belongs in the office. You need an organization tray in one of your drawers that has a spot for paper clips, a spot for rubber bands, and yes, a spot for that pencil sharpener. Make a list of everything that is in that drawer and ask yourself if you can find a better place for it, one that makes sense. P.S. I can help you next time I'm visiting.

Life of Nosheen said...

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Suzanne said...

Your drawer looks like mine! I usually don't toss my clutter until I have to move and then I toss out tons of stuff!