Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

This is the first year I can remember when Trick or Treating did not involve serious rain gear. In fact, it is the perfect night for such festivities. The moon is out and it is actually a tad balmy. (Yes, balmy) Not too shabby for the end of Ocotober.
Ben will be on Trick or Treat duty with Sam this year. He and his buddies, who also have younger sibs, volunteered for the job. Too bad Ben is 6 feet tall so I doubt he will get much candy unless our friends take pity on him.

As for the Trick or Treating front on our end it has been pretty dead (pun intended) We don't get a lot of trick or treaters. So far I've answered the door 5 times. My friend Candy lives in a development up the road and that is THE place to go. The development gets really into Halloween and it is the only place that is flat around here to that makes it a win win for most folks. Last year Candy said she ran out of candy. Who knew 50 pounds would not be enough. Needless to say that is where Ben and Sam are headed.
I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween with lots more treets than tricks.



Debra said...

They look so cute (I am sure your son doesn't like to be called cute anymore!). We've never had a trick or treater here in 12 yrs - we have a really long driveway and I know I wouldn't let my daughter walk down there to get candy so I understand. We have a few 'hot' neighborhoods here so that's where all the action is. My friend lives there so has a party each yr then we go trick or treating with the kids. Always fun!

Candy said...

It was a great night last night! I looked for the glammy girl, but never saw her. We handed out over 700 pieces of candy last night!

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