Saturday, May 19, 2012

Girls Night

Tonight I'm going out with some friends to support another friend and her benefit. 
It is always fun, it is always for a great cause and it is always interesting.
Even though Tacoma is one of the largest cities in Washington, "up on the hill" we are very small town, a little Knott's Landing if you will.  I'm sure all communities are like that to some degree. 
Tonight the women of our community will come together to "connect, contribute and celebrate" along with all the wine they can chug sip. 
I'm sure it will be fun, it always is. 
I'm sure I will see lots of folks I know, I always do. 
I'm sure I will feel silly for being anxious, I always am. 
What is it about a room full of women (who are 99% very sweet ~ altho there is always that 1%, meow) that is so intimidating?  It isn't just me, I've heard that from a lot of folks.  I find it ironic that a night designed to celebrate woman is stressing them out.
I guess that is why they serve so much wine :0)

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