Friday, February 5, 2016

Sink or Swim

I clearly have a problem when it comes to salvage stores.
Last week a dutch door.  Today it was a sink.
We are getting ready to redo our kitchen.  I definitely know what I like and what I want.  However, I'm starting to think the kitchen I've been seeing in my head (and Pinterest board) might not be the kitchen I actually need in the real world.
We went to a show room today to look at sinks.  Our mission a white porcelain, one bowl, under mount sink. Seems pretty basic right?  Found exactly that for the pretty price of $840. Um...yikes!!
Just a few blocks down the road is a Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Not as fun as Ballard Reuse since it has more "modern" salvage but it's still always fun to poke around. 
So making our way past the old closet doors and funky 80's light fixtures we end up in the sink section.  Next to the almond kitchen sinks and shell shaped bathroom sinks was this...

Hello Gorgeous.
What were the chances of finding this totally pristine farm sink??  Surely it was going to be priced pretty high, but nope, 60 bucks.  A quick google search and I knew the street value of this sink was $1100. Scooooooooooooooore. 
The next step was calling my contractor to get his take.  Well, he didn't seem to share my level of enthusiasm. Booo.  However, it is becoming clear that in addition to ripping apart my kitchen his job duties will include frequent reality checks.  Despite all the sound advice and reasons he offered I still bought the sink.  I just couldn't walk out of there without it.  Worse case I can throw it on Craigslist and double my money. 

So now the fun part begins. Surfing the web to try and find a picture of what my new sink could look like as part of my new kitchen.  To be honest, I go back and forth on it.  I think the deciding factor will be the amount of space I have between the counter and my window.  There is not a lot of room and it may turn to be a no go. 
I guess I could always go with plan B.


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Lovella Cushman said...

I just love upcycling!

This is such a pretty idea and I feel so inspired to get out into the garden this spring and start to make everything look nice! I have plenty of old boots and a variety of pots and things that I cant wait to get planting in!

Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing