Sunday, April 29, 2007

You say it's your birthday!!!

When I was in Kindergarten there were two Jennys. One was Jenny T. and the other was Jenny P. Even though Jenny T. moved away in first grade, Jenny P. continued on as "Jenny P." (at least in our house). Jenny P is the kind of friend that you have had forever and will continue to have until you are both in rockers at the home.

We could not be any more opposite, but we still manage to have a blast when we are together. Even though it might be a while between visits, we always pick up wherever we left off.

We have had more than our share of adventures and we can still recite all the words to "Sixteen Candles".

One of the best scenes in that movie is when Farmer Ted and Sam are sitting in the autoshop and he busts out with "You say it's your birthday". Upon hearing what an awful birthday she is having he feels her pain and switches to "Hey Jude". I always laugh. Anyhoo, I think it was when Jenny P. turned 16 I called her on her birthday and busted out my best Farmer Ted. Since then, no birthday has passed for either of us without the serenade. For me, my bday isn't complete until I pick up the phone and hear "BNNNN, You say it's your birthday!" Well today is Jenny P.'s birthday and I will once again call her up, sing our silly song and catch up with a very dear friend.

Happy Birthday Jenny P.!!!!!!

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