Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Hens

Once a month it is our turn to host the "DND guys". I really enjoy this because it gives me an excuse to cook big meals and try new recipes. The guys are great. They will eat anything and are very easy to please. This group has been getting together for years and has slowly changed from a groups of bachelors to mostly old married men. The best part for me has been Jessica. She was the second to join the "DND wives" which are now referred to as "the hens".

It is so great when she comes down on game night. We can sit and chat for hours. You name it we have discussed it. Just good old fashioned girl talk, too fun. One topic that seems to come up a lot is life married to an engineer. We certainly got a good chuckle out of tonight's burning question: "How many engineers does it take to check a meatloaf?" Trust me, you don't want to know :0)

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