Wednesday, April 4, 2007


It has been a very gloomy few months. Not a lot of sunshine. No sunshine = lack of energy. So to help shake off the cobwebs (literally) I've decided to throw a little girly lunch. Sammie is excited to have her friends over for "tea" and I'm excited to have my friends over as well. Now I am in the throws of getting the house ready. The routine is always the same. Start with a long list of things that no one will ever notice (except for me), focus on the "least of my worries" and then cut the list down to "the basics" just before everyone arrives.
My husband's response to the pre festivities panic is always the same, "why do you stress yourself out?" He doesn't get it, but that's okay.
I'm just glad that I have a great group of friends who are not going to enter my house armed with white gloves. Instead we will spend the time enjoying each other's company and hopefully some yummy food to boot.

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