Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The quiet before the storm...

It's Tuesday night and I'm not really feeling very stressed about my hosting duties on Thursday. We will have 14 all together, although not all at the same time. Joji's mom and sister will probably get there about the time the turkey sandwiches start to make an appearance. The only thing that concerns me right now is the size of the turkey. My brother got one from work and it is 14 lbs. I consulted the butterball website and they recommended a 12 lb bird if we didn't want leftovers. I'm hoping it will be enough with a little left over. I just hate the idea of running out of food. I will most likely pick up a turkey breast tomorrow to cook along with the bird, just to make sure.
I did my big shopping today. My cart was completely full. I don't usually shop that big, but I hadn't been shopping in a while and we were out of everything! It was a good chance to clean out my fridge though. Not just toss the past date stuff, but actually wash out the drawers and shelves. (It is amazing how funky stuff can get) But now it is all clean and I won't have to worry if someone is rummaging through my fridge.
Speaking of fridges... we have a side by side. At first, I was excited to have this style, but now, not so much. I like having stuff up high, but you can't fit very much in there. I certainly couldn't defrost a turkey in there. I am so wanting the french door/freezer on the bottom kind of fridge. The only rub is that you have to decide if you want just water in the door or water and ice. If you get ice, you can have "crushed" ice (big selling point), but you loose the storage space on the inside of the door. We keep going back and forth on this. Storage or crushed ice... tough one. Hopefully, but the time we decide they will have come down in price.


Marie said...

I love those fridges, I have the freezer on the bottom and I do love that, but when it comes time to buy a new one, those are the ones I want...did that big shopping myself recently, after being at work full time the last year my pantry was a mess and when I organized it I realized I was low on almost everything!!! Have a great holiday tomorrow and may all your guests go home with full bellies!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that cartoon. We had a freezer on the bottom fridge but the baby kept getting into the ice cream. Now we have the old-fashioned freezer on top type, no ice in the door (I think that's a US invention) and it's energy-efficient and great.

Why can't people just open the door to get the ice out?