Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Busy, busy, busy. Aren't we all this time of year???
Some is fun

(Sammie and Nathan on a windy playdate at the beach)

Some is kinda fun

Another day of baking (My poor kitchen needs a deep clean)

And some, not so much

(Joji and Matt installing a new waterline at our rental house)

Never a dull moment seems to be the theme of our Novembers so far.
It is only Tuesday and the week still has to offer an 8am training meeting on Wednesday, preparing the spread (thankfully, I'm not the only one baking)for the PTA's parent day on Thursday and the DND guys coming for dinner on Friday.
I think Monday the 12th I will schedule myself a nice pedicure apt. I got a gift certificate for Mother's Day and it is time to cash that puppy in!! :0)


Marie said...

Isn't that funny, I got a gift certificate from a girlfriend who owns a spa for a facial back in May for my birthday and I am just using it now (Friday). Us women always put ourselves last and we should learn to take care of ourselves more so that we can better take care of our families! Have a great relaxing pedicure!!!

Anonymous said...

Those baked goods look delicious; so beautifully presented. What are they all?

With all that is happening in your life a pedicure sounds like a lovely idea.


Cindy Roberts said...

Wow, all your baked goodies put me to shame! I used to love to bake. Now, I stock up on Nestle break apart cookies!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. You made me laugh!