Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.
In 2 hours I will run my first 5K (or at least try) I checked the time results from last year and I think I have a shot at at least beating the women in the 70's and up division. At least I won't feel guilty about those extra helpings mashed pototoes and gravy, yummy.


WSU Laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck on the race, go kick some 70 year old butt!

Anonymous said...

hope you had a great thanksgiving! good for you on the long as you finish, that's all that matters...i ran a one-mile fun run with the children this morning (two in the double-jogger, one complaining the whole mile!) and let hubby run the 5k... maybe next year! blessings!

debra said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Congrats on the 5K! I know you will do well and beat that 70 year old! :)