Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

We have been fully enjoying the "nothingness" of our time off. It has been so nice, I must remember to schedule more "nothing" this upcoming year.
We will be eating lots of good pasta tonight with our friends and then the boys will burn it off with various wii games. I'm sure the hens will sit around and chat while the kids run wild. The best part the festivities are not at my house and I am not cooking. Okay, well I am in the middle of making the more labor intensive cookies in my repotoire, but they are worth it.
So from our family to yours we wish you all the best for 2009.


Jenny said...

Happy New Year.

It is always good to celebrate at someone else's place - a relaxing break.

Timi said...

Happy New Year!
That sounds like a fantastic plan! Hope you have a great time.
Your right about doing nothing. The Hubs and I were just talking about that last night. It was nice to slow down a bit and spend time with friends and family and not worry about all the other stuff that gets in the way during the holidays. The snow ended up being a really good lesson about life.
Happy New Year!

debra said...

Happy New Year! Hope you had a nice new year's eve. We also went to some friends, enjoyed adult company while the kids played & were home by ten. 2o years ago who would have thought that we would be spending Dec 31 like that?? haha.

The 'nothingness' has been nice here, too. :)

WSU Laura said...

Happy 2009! Great picture of the Space Needle. We just had a quiet evening with the in-laws and then spent the night at our friend's house with the kids and hung out all day yesterday doing nothing. Pure bliss! Like you, I hope we have more of that in the upcoming year.