Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Spring break is over.


I so enjoy not having a schedule to deal with. I like the "play it by ear"ness that come with vacation time. There are 12 weeks left of school and then we will be schedule free again.

Today I will be out and about testing kids' English. I actually like this job for 2 reasons: it is easy and it is good money. I make almost twice as much as I do when I sub. Subbing is fun though and I'm actually subbing 4 days this week, only half days though (I'm not crazy)

As far as my spring break cleaning... well let's say I made a pretty good dent. The weekend was really nice and so I took the opportunity to work out in the yard. At the preschool auction this year, I won 2 hours of a landscape architect. I'm very excited, but felt compelled to at least week the back beds before he came. My backyard flowerbeds are a mess. I moved around a lot of plants last summer and when we got all the snow this year, they weren't strong enough to survive. What is a real bummer is that most of the plants that died I have had for a few years and had raised them from 2"pots. Just when there were getting to a nice size, poof, gone. I lost 2 hydrangeas and I'm not looking forward to replacing those. Plants are so spendy if you opt for something of a decent size. Oh well, I guess I will just have to be on the look out for some good deals. I guess I should also wait to see what the landscape guy says as well. It is all very exciting.

On Saturday, we hit the local Fred Meyer along with everyone else in S. King Co. but it was sunny and that is what W. Washingtonians do. I decided I would finally plant the pots on my front steps and I'm so glad I did. Between giving the porch a good cleaning off (pic taken prior to the cleaning) and getting the pots planted my entry way looks happy now.

Happy Monday :0)


debra said...

I agree about not having the schedule. I am so ready for summer vacation.

Congrats on getting your spring cleaning done. I, of course, am still attempting that.

debra said...

Thanks for commenting on my fundraising issues. I know I need to stop talking about it. :) I answered your questions on my post today.
Have a good day.