Monday, March 7, 2011

Going Pro

I like to bake and I bake a lot. I don't make anything fancy, but it is always well received. Last week one of my friends asked me to bake cupcakes for her daughter's birthday. I thought "why not". When she asked how much would I charge I wasn't sure what to say. I know people can pay a lot for cupcakes (I took Sam to Hello Cupcake and spent 3 bucks on one of the worst cupcakes I've ever had) but I'm no "hello cupcake" so I said ten bucks for 2 dozen Red Velvet cupcakes. When she picked them up, she paid me more than double and that got me thinking... The same friend holds a auction benefit every spring and for the past two years I've donated pecan pies. It still shocks me how crazy people go for home baked goods, but apparently they are popular and I always get "you should open a bakery". I just smile and think, "bless your heart, what number cocktail is this?"

This year instead of pies, I'm donating cupcakes. A cupcake sampler including, Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese, Devils Food with PB Butter cream and Chocolate Butter cream, Lemon Meringue and probably tried and true Vanilla w/ Vanilla Butter cream. What I'm toying with is putting in a little business card: Cupcakes for Hire.
Around here grocery store cupcakes go for about 8 bucks a dozen, much more if you go "gourmet". So I'm thinking folks might be interested in cupcakes somewhere in the middle, $25 for 2 dozen. Kinda scary to put myself out there like that, but the thought of picking up a little cash now and then, is kinda tempting.


Ludicrous Mama said...

Sounds great! If you're going to make oodles of baked goods, you may as well get paid! And the big downside to bakery and specialty bakery cupcakes are the limited selection. Some bakeries might make to order, but they may not offer all the fantastic combinations that you can! Plus you can offer to customize colors for the plain frosting, or colored sugar, or whatever!

Debra said...

That's a great idea! I know people really appreciate good baked goods and will pay crazy money for it. We'll see you in your own cupcake show before you know it! :)