Sunday, March 27, 2011

Previously on Hoarders...

So while I waited for the phone guy, I watched Hoarders. Is it scary I can relate to the hoarders? Kinda. I completely understand not wanting to throw something out that is still useful to someone. (Quick disclaimer... The folks who pick up a book that has been used as a racoon's bathroom and think it is still okay, they are coocoo) But there comes a time when the stuff is taking over and action must be taken.

I have a pretty big master closet. Which is good and bad. It's nice to have room for stuff, but on the other hand we have lots of room for "stuff".

Here is the before shot. Not the best pic, but you get the idea, junk galore. After a few hours and 12 bags later it looked like this (try as I might to get a good "after" shot, Sam felt the shot needed something ~ her)

The front half of the closet is mine, the back half Joj's. I purged a lot of clothes. It felt good, but now my limited wardrobe is even more limited, but that's okay.

I had Joj put in these shelves about a year ago and I love it. There had been long hanging, but I really don't have that much to hang so shelves made more sense. I also love the fact that there is room for 3 baskets so I can presort the laundry. I sort by "heavy" (sweats, towels, jeans, etc), "lights" (polos, shirts, socks, etc) and "whites". I also keep a bin on the shelf to put my "delicates". When a basket is full, I wash.

As for the back half (Joj's area) he still has some stuff to go through.

We originally put a desk in here thinking it could double as an office, but that didn't really work. It became more of a place to pile stuff and that's not good. I think eventually we will loose the desk and install more shelves. As for the Marshall amp, we are undecided. It is one of the only surviving item from Joj's bachelor days. We refer to it as "the wall of sound". With all the other stuff we got rid of, there is plenty of room, so the "wall of sound" can stay for now. (yes, those are Sam's feet~she's "helping")

I love the feeling of a freshly cleaned room. I have to say the tackling of the closet has inspired me to clean out other rooms. I did the kids' bathrooms today. They went quick, gotta love that. Ben has been wanting to clean out his room so maybe we will do that tomorrow. Ugh, that will be a big job, but I'm trying to focus on how good it will feel to have all that clutter gone. :0)


Debra said...

I can't believe how big your closet is. It looks great. It's a good feeling to purge, isn't it? I really don't mess with my husband's stuff in his closet unless it's really obvious like a big whole in a sock.

About Hoarders - I think we can all relate to a certain extent but we know when enough is enough. I can only watch about 15-20 minutes of that show and then I need to start cleaning! So I never find out if the hoarder is changed or not. :)

Debra said...

I meant hole in the sock!