Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feel Good Summer Reading

This is what I will be reading this summer. I picked them up at our school's book swap and I got lots of "Oh, you will LOVE this book". My mom has read The Help and I've seen Cutting for Stone mentioned on other blogs, it sounded interesting.

Last year when I was subbing for my mom I ran into a PTA mom who was in the middle of their school's annual book swap/sale. Basically the kids bring in books from home, for every two books they bring in they can select one new book and the leftover books are then sold for a quarter a piece at the end of the year ice cream social. What a great idea. I brought the idea back to my school and we decided to give it a try.

While I liked the idea of the "swap" the headache of a "sale" was more than I wanted to take on. I decided that the leftover books would instead be donated to local reading programs. Last year we brought in just over 1200 books, not too shabby for something thrown together the last few weeks of school. This year we brought in just over 1500 books.

Yesterday we dropped off over 700 books to a local outreach program. This is such an easy was for kids to give back and make a difference. If this sounds like a project you want to try, feel free to email me and I can give you give some "tricks of the trade".


Janette - The2Seasons said...

Thanks for stopping in to see our kitchen. The blue in the ceiling is Iceberg by Sherwin Williams.

Wickless Candles said...

Thanks, I am going to read Cutting for Stone after the Help!!!

HAZEL said...

Mmm1 Summer, warmth, pools, summer veggies, sprinklers, ah...but I am enjoying winter too...sitting here in the warm living room with the fire crackling.