Sunday, June 12, 2011

T minus 2 1/2 days...

School is out in two and a half days.
I can't wait.

Summers USED to mean lounging poolside soaking up rays, smelling like Hawaiian Tropic or Coppertone, putting a little lemon juice in you hair to help along those summer highlights. So far this summer I've spent more time in jeans and sweaters than I have in shorts.

We have had a few hours of sun this month and today I was able to take advantage and get my herb garden planted. I was trolling the gardening archives over at An Accomplished Woman and it inspired me to go out stimulate the economy. I picked up parsley, basil, oregano, cilantro and shallots. I'm especially excited about the shallots. I thought I had missed my window (google said they had to be planted in the fall) but apparently not. I like shallots but they are so spendy. Hopefully the starts will work out.
Despite the lack of sun, there are promises of things to come...

I LOVE peonies and these babies are about to burst. Please forgive the darkness of the photo, it was RAINING!!

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hannahrose_8 said...

Hey, I envy your ability to garden. if I had the space for it here at this condo, I'd go for it.

Enjoyed the pics, despite the darkness of them. Great blog! :)