Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fun Finds at the GW

Today was a good day at the local Goodwill. I can't remember the last time there were so many good things. Lately it has been very hit and miss (more miss actually) but today I must have been my day.
I had gone to GW to look for a glass cheese dome. Tina over at Cherry Hill Cottage had made some really cute covered cake plates and I thought I would see if I could find one for myself. Sure enough, 99 cents. I have a cute Southern Living plate that will be perfect for it. While I was over in the glassware section, I found this little milk glass compote and Pfaltzgraff creamer.
I have a friend who collects Fiesta ware and I thought these little flowerpots were in very "fiesta-y" colors, so I will that takes care of her bday present. :0)
Usually the picture area leaves a lot to be desired, lots of junk and kind of expensive, but I decided to dig and see what I found. First I found this trivet. Totally my colors (blushy pinks, light blue and cream) I hung it on the wall of my kitchen and it really pops off the red. When I found the beach pictures, I wanted to keep them (again, my color palette), but my mom is more "beachy" and already has a couple of neat beach pictures, so now Mother's Day is taken care of. (actually, I already gave them to her, they were too cute to keep wrapped up)
A few more odd bits (an Mary Engelbreit tin and cute dish for my bathroom) and I was out the door for 20 bucks. Nothing beats a good trip to the GW :0)


Alison said...

You certainly had a good day with those buys. It still feels good even when you know you are going to give some of your buys to someone else.

Laurie Anne said...

Hi Alison,
Thanks for the comment:0)
The good thing about buying for my mom is that sometimes it finds its way back to my house :0)

Jodie said...

Hi, My mum has even bought something from the goodwil that I donated and then gave it back to me to match theone she thought I still had !!! Lovely blog. I found you via Alison and the cottage charm giveaway.

Laurie Anne said...

That is too funny. Glad you like the blog :0)