Saturday, May 26, 2007

Daddy/ Daughter project in progress

Ever since we moved into this house in Aug of '03 I have wanted to put in a garden in our side yard. (It has the best southern exposure.) I don't know about you, but our side yard was very neglected until just recently. It seemed like more of a place to store stuff for our next dump run than actual "yard". Well, we finally cleared it out and the plan was to put in some raised beds.
My Dad is very into growing tomatoes and even grows his own from seed. Early spring he he started a bunch of different varieties and set a side about 12 for me. Every week he would ask when the beds were going in because the tomatoes are ready to plant. Week after week bigger tomatoes, but no beds.
Well the other day my dad showed up at my house with the wood to build two raised beds. We put them together and this morning we went and got some TAGRO to fill them. (TAGRO is a biowaste/sawdust recycled dirt mix. It is a little stinky when you first lay it, but it should put out some plants)
Everyone is adding to the list of what we will grow. So far the list includes, peppers, carrots, basil, chives, cucumbers, pumpkins and of course tomatoes, lots and lots of tomatoes!!

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