Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The multi generational garden...

So after my dad and I got the beds all filled I had to plant my plants. I ended up with a dozen tomato plants, but I didn't have room for all of them in the beds. I am going to plant my "zebra" (my sister-in-law gave this one to me) and my 2 "Juliets" up by the patio in the back yard. I have a good spot where my previous tomatoes have resided and thrived. If you have never grown "Juliets" you really should. They are a grape tomato and I think they taste like candy. They are so bountiful the kids and I will just stand there and eat them off the plant and we never seem to run out.
As far as other things to plant, I put in a couple of cucumbers. Tomorrow I will get some peppers, carrot and pumpkin seeds. Hopefully the planting of these will go more smoothly than the tomatoes.
Sammie decided she wanted to help. Okay, fine. She insisted on digging the holes. She is not the quickest digger and my plants were wilting quickly. When I tried to help her she screamed and hit me with her shovel. Oh the joys of gardening with a 4 year old.

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