Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hands off gardening

Every year I get all excited to start gardening. When the pansies start showing in late Feb. I tend to go a little crazy. There are a couple of little nurseries around here and it is just as much fun to walk around and get ideas as it is to pick up a plant or two (or three or four...) Last year was no different. I got a bunch of plants and actually got most of them into the ground. It was only March, but I was ready. Then we had one of the hottest summers in history.
Watering plants has always been a challenge. When we bought our house I was ecstatic it had a sprinkler system. However, one aggressive landscaper and shovel put an end to my automatic watering dreams. So now my poor plants had to actually rely on me for water. Well, that was the beginning of the end. Slowly as the summer dragged with no rain (Come on, we are in Seattle after all)my plants slowly began to die off. I would try and keep up, but if I missed one day they were toast.
One of the things I try and go every year is strawberries. My sister-in-law grows them in hanging baskets and I thought this was a great idea. I had 7 baskets all loaded up with baby plants only to have two little plants left over. I took those little leftovers and planted them in my catch all container and forgot all about them. They struggled just like the ones in the baskets, but these little guys survived the winter and are actually thriving. The best part, I did NOTHING!!
Oh the joy of a lush and healthy looking plant. Better still if I can enjoy the fruits without the labor. :0)

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Kellie said...

I planted strawberries in the ground last year in a spot where I actually thought they might not do well, and they are really thriving this spring. They have multiplied and are filled with little white flowers. I know they can make it where they are now, which means we have a strawberry patch, as long as the animals don't at them.

Your garden looks lovely. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and listing it on your site!