Saturday, September 8, 2007

Little leaves are okay...

Okay, the first week of September has come and gone. Along with many of you, I decided with September was the time to turn over a couple of new leaves.
Well, it has been a slow start, but I'm okay with that. I have decided to focus most of my efforts in the food department. Joji and I have joined "The Daily Plate". It is an online weight management forum. It allows you to track every thing you eat and the exercising you do. The site will calculate the number of calories you need to reach your goal. They also, have a gazillion foods listed, so it makes it really easy to keep track.
The first week on TDP I gave myself permission to just watch my portion sizes. Of course, HUGE eye opener. We have been "plating" everything vs family style and we just eat what is on our plate. I was very surprised how filling the right portions can be. I have also been portioning out crackers and chips and other snacky stuff. Even the kids are into it. Of course, the major reason for revamping how we eat was to set a good example for the kiddos. But if I loose a little weight in the process, even better:0)
As far as the goals of moving more and keeping up with the house... I start back at the gym on Monday and the house is hanging in there.
Speaking of the house, it is so longer run amok with wayward laundry. The Monday is washday is really working. Joji unstacked my washer and dyer so I now have a folding counter. I love it and it make folding clothes so much easier. Who would have ever thought I would semi enjoy doing laundry.
Change is good :0)

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Marie said...

Oh I am going to have to try this site. I am just too busy to do say Weight Watchers and such but this looks like a simple easy to start program...and I could shed a few pounds myself. Glad to hear fall has brought positive changes for you.