Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tagged: Part Deux

Okay, so Kellie at Acorn cottage tagged me for the middle name tag.
Her middle name is Ann too, but without the "e". It was interesting to see what she wrote for each letter. She also mentioned that she uses her maiden name for her new middle name. I guess "officially" my middle name is Records, but I still sign my name with an "A" (I never liked my "R's") Anyhoo, here goes:
A: ADD. I think I have it. I can't remember the last time I didn't stop in the middle of sentence and ask to be reminded about the topic.
N: Nerds. Gotta love 'em. My hubby just hacked into the Nickelodeon website to get the presale code for Go Diego Go Live. Isn't he dreamy?? I have a lot of "nerdy" friends, but they are pretty great. Besides, Revenge of the Nerds was a great movie.
N: Nice. My mom always said, "it's nice to be important, but more important to be nice." I think that is pretty good advice. I deal with a lot of folks who missed this memo and it drives me crazy. Being nice is so easy and goes such a long way. Sure there are times when it can be tough, but in the long run you get so much further with people. I hope that when folks think of me, nice pops into their head. I know nice can sometimes be thought of as boring, but not to me.
E: Encyclopedia of Music Trivia. For some reason, useless trivia of the musical nature sticks in my brain. Friends will call me with a "who sang that" question and usually I can tell them. I must admit, my knowledge quickly plummets post 1995. I think all my years driving cars with AM radios helped. Joji thinks I would have made a lot of money on Rock 'n Roll Jeopardy. While I was cleaning out my garage, I found a music trivia book given to me by a good friend. Inside the inscription read: This book is not for you, but for those who challenge your knowledge. How fun is that??
Okay, so now I tag Jessica, Jenny, Kate and Meg
How to play:
Share something about yourself that starts with each letter of your middle name, then tag the same number of people as letters in your middle name.:0)


Meg said...

Laurie Anne - Thanks for the tag! I like your nerds thing. First I thought you meant the candy. Goes to show what I'm always thinking about...sweets, desserts, all of the above. Have a great day.

tommiea said...

First time to visit from Meg's...

I love that your hubby got the prescale code. If we lived closer I would be begging for this!!

Kellie said...

I liked your answers! I'm a font of useless music knowledge myself. I get phone calls all the time from friends asking me who sang a certain song and other miscellaneous rock and pop questions. I challenge you to Rock and Roll Jeopardy! Let's go, girl!

Jessica said...

Okay turkey! I completed my "tag". Just remember that I never forget... : )