Monday, January 18, 2010


When I was teaching, one of my favorite units to teach was on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Even though most of it went over the heads of my Kinders (the thought of kids going to different schools based on what color there skin was simply didn't compute to them ~ a testiment to the work he did) it never failed to amaze me at how much he changed our country. There was a poll a few years ago about who the greatest American was. Dr. Marthin Luther King Jr. would have gotten my vote. In a time of termoil and conflict, we could all use a little refresher course in his teachings. As most of us enjoy the day off, take a little time to reflect on the great man being honored today.

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Jenny said...

It is really hard to comprehend how people were segregated because of their colour.
The same was an issue in Australia with the Aboriginal people. We had our own 'freedom ride' here, around the same time.