Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mrs. Wishy Washy

I have been without a washer for the past two weeks. It has been awful, although it could have been worse (at least it broke AFTER I had done my washing for the week) Thankfully my mom lives around the corner so I could take loads over there to do, but still it was a kind of a drag. However, now all is right with the world and my washer is up and running. As I type I am listening to the sweet sound of wishy, washy, wishy washy. Joj has taken the kids to his mom's for dinner and now I'm left to catch up on all the laundry, but I have to say I'm kind of looking forward to the house smelling like Downy again.
Happy Humpday


Julie said...

Hi Mrs. Wishy Washy
I am also without a working washer tonight but mine broke ** before ** I finished all the laundry. Ahh.. Anyways will hopefully be fixed the next day or two. Dont' want to spend my wkend in the laundrymat.
Love your site, very clever.
If you get a moment visit mine at:
Hope I am not breaking any rules here :) God Bless and Have a good weekend.

Julie said...

Forgot to add just love the vintage elements in your blog.