Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tackle Clutter Tuesday #1

I'm hoping these Tackle Clutter Tuesdays will help me keep on track and accountable, so here goes...
I decided to tackle one of the "hot spots" in my kitchen.
While I do love my little kitchen, the cabinet selection was clearly built by a someone who was more worried about the bottom line than efficiency. Case in point ~ blind cabinets. Seriously who thinks these are a good idea?
Anyhoo, this cabinet is such a catch all and gets messy quickly. With the help of my trusty assistant (because I'm seriously too old to be crawling into a cabinet) we cleared it all out.
The tupper situation has always been a thorn, so we played the "you need a lid to stay" game and went from this to this.
After a little purging and rearranging, I was able to fit everything back.
What a difference and truth be told it took 15 minutes. Next up the coat closet...


Debra said...

Looks good! I hate those blind cabinets too. I just went through all my tupperware/plastic ware after Christmas also. It is a good feeling to get it all cleaned out and organized.

Right Shopping said...
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Candy said...

This post brings joy to my heart.