Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tackle Clutter Tuesday #2

So here is week 2's installment of Tack the Clutter Tuesday.
The front closet.
Again one of those hot spots that seems to end up a dumping ground.
Here is the before...
Yup, everything all shoved any which way.
Once again the key to making things better seems to be to purge ~ which I did

A while back in a magazine, probably in Martha,  they used a hanging sweater thingies to help organize all the little things that end up in closets.  Usually these things are stored in baskets up high or on the floor.  The great thing about using these is that it keeps stuff at eye level (both mine and the kids) which makes putting stuff back easier and I'm all about the easy.  Now when I open the closet doors I don't feel like I'm at risk of being buried alive. 
It's nice when baby steps make a big difference.


Dee said...

So nice & neat now. At my house that would last until about 3:30 in the afternoon when the pipsqueaks get home, then it is all undone. Dee

Anonymous said...

What a difference. It is amazing what a little time can do. I admire you work.

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Altenpflege said...

Great! so well organize.=D