Monday, June 4, 2007

What a Weekend!!

I can't remember a weekend that was so full of fun stuff. Of course I am totally exhausted, but it was well worth it.
Friday, my good friend Jessica came down and we hung out while the boys DND'ed at another house.
Saturday was mega garage sale day around here. Between Jessica and her hubby Bob, my sister-in-law and myself, we managed to fill the back of my van. We all got screaming deals, but I think Bob scored the biggest with a working universal gym for $10. Jessica found a $10 non pink kitchen (not to mention a bunch of food and accessories) for her little guy and Akiko scored with a 25 ft. soaker hose for $1. I think my best score was either the mother of pear wind chime for 25 cents of a pottery barn style bathroom cabinet for $5. All and all it was a great morning.
Then Jessica and I headed off to a bridal shower for a friend of ours. She will soon be the latest addition to the DND wives club. We had a good time, but for some reason (we think they may have spiked the punch) we found a lot of comments made by other attendees VERY funny. We tried to be good, but just could not stop laughing. After our 2 hour gigglefest we met up with the hubbies for Jessica's birthday dinner.
It is so nice to have friends were everyone likes each other and gets along. I think it is rare when both the husbands and wives are actually good friends.
Dinner was so good, half of it ended up coming home with us. We are yet to actually make it to dessert. Oh well, nothing like leftovers for breakfast :0)
Sunday was another full day. We were off to Safeco Field for a little Sunday baseball with another couple of good friends. The M's are actually fun to watch these days. They were playing the Rangers and they played great. We actually got to see a suicide squeeze, how cool is that? We were sitting in the third row on the first base line. We all got a little pink, but the M's won so it was worth it. In the 4th inning the M's were down, Joji joked that he was going to go walk around so the M's would score. Sure enough during his absence, they scored 6. Poor Joj, that always happens.
So all in all a FANTASTIC weekend. Although, I have to say I'm looking forward to a nice and mellow Monday.

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