Monday, July 21, 2008

30's Farewell Tour

Today kicks off the final year of my thirties.
I'm not sure how I feel about it.
Joji turns 40 in 3 months.(That makes me feel better)


Timi said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Do something outrages!Say farewell to your 30's with a bang! I don't suggest a tatoo they are permenant!

I refer to age 39 as my band aid year. I was not looking forward to turning 40 and I stressed about it every moment for 365 days. Then the big 40 came and went. Nothing wonderful happened, nothing bad happened, everything was the same. It was like when you were a kid and had a band aid that needed to be taken off. It was going to hurt and you knew it but when it was over.........all better!
I feel like turning 40 was the best thing that ever happen to me on so many different levels. Health, quality of life, attitude, and ....I'm learning to enjoy pre-menopause. :-)
Happy Birthday!!!!

Marie said...

Welcome to the dark side...just kidding. Forty wasn't so bad for me, thirty was a killer! Remember we get better with age... like cheese and a fine wine! Haha. Happy birthday!

~ Jamie ~ said...

Hey! Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

Its really not as bad as it sounds, REALLY!!

(if you dont mind a few wrinkles where there use to be none) but other than that.. its a cake walk..

We are thinking of renting the coastal nest out for about $125-140 a night, witha 2 night min, 3 for holidays. What do you think?
let me know..Im excited to think a blogger girl would come oout and actually stay in the coastal nest!!
Thanks for the interest..
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Marie said...

Hi Laurie, Please come by my blog when you can I've tagged you!!~

debra said...

Happy Birthday!! The 40's aren't so bad - but you still have one more year in your 30's to enjoy!

Thanks for your comment on the post about my Grandmother and my copy paper issue. The kindergarten teacher had 2 shelves of paper left at the end of the year so I think I should be able to go get my paper back! haha

Have a great day!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday.