Sunday, July 20, 2008

Joji survives and some fabu finds

Joji is on his way home from man camp. He called to say he survived (as did his eyebrows) and that he had a good time. I can't wait to hear all about it and as a bonus, I have been promised pictures. When he called on Saturday, I asked how the stuffed jalapenos were and he said HOT. (well, duh, they're jalapenos) He said that they were going to try and figure out a way to "mellow them out". I guess the next time I make them I will need to precook the peppers some how. I think a good par boil might do the trick. Will keep you posted on that one.

On Saturday there were a bunch of garage sales around here. My mom, Akiko and I were very excited. There were a couple of big neighborhood sales that in years past have been full of great deals. Unfortunately the sales that we were excited about turned out to be real duds. I'm so glad my friend Jessica didn't drive down from Lynnwood to go to these stinkers. That being said we found a couple of real gems and got the best deals. Don't you just love when you are at a sale and the person holding it in total "just get it out of here" mode??

Here are a few of my finds:

5 frames for $7.
Three were these wooden white ones and two were little Mary Englebriet ones. I probably would of tried to haggle her down to $5, but her craiglist ad was entitled "Suddenly Single Sale" and she was trying to wrangle 4 rowdy kids during the sale as well. She looked tired, so no haggling.

Apothecary Jar for $2 (don't hate me)

I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but it is really big. I'm not sure what to put in it yet, but for $2 I HAD to buy it. At the same sale I picked up a set of salt and pepper mills (I forgot to get a pic of them) They are your basic wood ones, but I have plans to transform them. Somewhere on some random blog I saw a pic of pepper mills painted the sweetest baby blue with small white polka dots. I found the price tag of almost $50 a bit steep, so when I saw this set for a buck I snatched them up. Now I just need a little paint and I will be all set.

I think my best find of the day came at one of our last stops. The lady running the sale had 3 pieces of pierced work porcelain on a table. There was a footed compote/cake stand, an oval platter and a tall teapot. I asked how much the compote and platter would be. She said $10 for all three. I told her I didn't want all three and she said it was a set. (It really wasn't a real set, they were different makers and styles, but whatever). I told her I didn't want all three and would she take $5 for the compote and platter. She then told me how I would be able to display the "set" and she just couldn't understand why I didn't want all three pieces. I told her those were great ideas, but I just wanted the two pieces and would she take $5. She then huffed, rolled her eyes and then said in a really rude tone, "Gimme your five dollars". If the pieces weren't really good, I would have walked off, but $2.50 a piece for these babies, I'll take a little grumpiness.

So now it is a very quiet Sunday afternoon around here. The M's are losing to the Tribe. I miss the days of decent M's teams. (How sad is that?? Seattle fans are reduced to hope for and be happy with mediocre) Anyway, it is a gorgeous day and I'm off for a little cat nap before dinner.


Timi said...

You always find the best stuff! Love the cake plate. It's beautiful! When I come to visit you I would like to see that filled with something chocolate with maybe some pretty frosting!
it's 8:30 am and I'm dreaming of pretty chocolate cupcakes already! I must have an illness or maybe a touch of PMS
Another lovely day in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy it!

~ Jamie ~ said...

Great garage sale finds! I almost went to some garage sales on Saturday but, I had my daughter with me who BEGGED me not to. I think I will try again this Saturday...without Ms. Sassypants!

At Home Redesigns said...

Ooh...good stuff. Nice job!