Wednesday, July 16, 2008

While the cat is away...

We have been very busy little mice around here. Joji has been in Charlotte since Sunday and he won't get home until Friday at which time he is immediately off for a little "mans weekend" camping trip. I'm trying to think of goodies to send with him. I know for sure I'm making bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos.
I was watching Semi-homemade with Sandra Lee the other day and she made them. (A quick not on Sandra Lee...I used to read a foodie BB in which she was constantly referred to as "Boozie McBoobs". How awful is that?? But I gotta give it to that girl, she looks great and clearly likes her cocktails.
Anyway, I wasn't totally sold on the stuffed jalapenos, until I was reading Pioneer Woman Cooks and the recipe that was featured that day was, yup, stuffed jalapenos. I'm taking it as a sign. I will probably make some cookies as well, however I feel like I am in a cookie rut. Maybe I will make some PB cookies. The recipe I have is good, but I want something a little bit more. I would love to put PB chips in the dough, but I wonder how that would work with the fork smooshing part of the process. Hmmmmm, I guess I will have to do a little googling.
I love google, don't you. It is great for someone like me who has no patience whatsoever. I type what I want and ,poof, there it is. I saw an interview with the dudes who came up with Google. As long as I live I will NEVER understand "code" (that secret language people use to make computers do what they want) When my brother Paul was 10 he got a computer. It was a Texas Instrument something or other and we would spend HOURS typing a bunch of gobbledygook only to find that somewhere we had typed a front slash vs a back slash and therefore our game would not run. I remember we spent all day typing in some program just to watch the tv screen flash different colors. Too bad we had the computer hooked up to our old black and white TV. I don't think kids today would think a flashing TV was all that cool, but we did. It really is mind blowing how far technology has come. Sammie has only known a tv where you can pause it while you go to the bathroom, not to mention watch almost anything you want whenever you want.
Anyway, enough rambling. We are off today to good old Lynnwood to hang out with the Zimmermans. I haven't gotten to hang out with Jessica for a while since the DND guys have not been to our house in a while. I so miss hanging out with her. She is one of those good "girl talk" girlfriends, plus Sam and her boys get along great. I'm sure they will be spending a lot of time on this. Jessica's hubby Bob designed and built it. It was a huge hit at their 4th of July party. Ben will also be making the trek and he is less than thrilled. Poor Ben, all our friends have little kids, so it looks like the DS will be making the trip as well. He is a good sport most of the time, so letting him plug in and tune out is okay every now and then.
Well I better get going. I've got kids to feed and bathe and the van could use a cleanin' before we head out. The sun is shining and it is looking like another day in the 70's. Seriously, W. WA in the 70's is summer at it's best.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!! :0)


Timi said...

Let me check my cookie recipes and see if I can't find something wonderful for you to try.
Lynnwood??? That's mine and Laura's stompin grounds. It would be fun to get all of us locals together one day to meet.
Have a wonderful day and safe trip.
I gave you an award today on my blog. :-)

Jenny said...

Could you post your recipe for the PB cookies (I'm assuming PB is peanut butter). I made some from a Martha Stewart recipe last week and loved them.

Unlike you, I love to try and work out how the HTML script, or code, works.

Hope you continue to enjoy your week before Joji comes back.