Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, it is now July and I feel like summer is half way over (we have only been out of school for 2 weeks) The good news the sun is out and the heat has been a bit more manageable. Today's to-do list includes haircuts for the kids and going to the pool. Joj is off until Monday so he is going to putter. I'm hoping that when I return from the pool I will have new steps out the backdoor. We currently have a combination of actual steps and milk crates.
I took a couple of pics this morning and I have realized that almost every flower in my garden is pink. Hmmmmm, I'm not really a pink girl, but there is something about pink flowers.

I got this rose bush last year for my birthday and I was sure I had killed it. Apparently not, but I'm not sure how to deal with the massive clumps, I mean "sprays" of flowers. The look a little cramped to me. Last night I cut a couple off and put them in my little creamer. I love the look of creamers and have a few, but never use them. I just need to remind myself to use them for vases.

When we moved in there was not a lot in the backyard, that at is with the exception of our own fire hydrant. Isn't she a beaut?? The previous owners had a dog and I guess they thought it was kitschy. I think it is awful. This spring I planted a clematis that I had gotten last year, never planted and thought I had killed (hmmmmm, I noticing a pattern here) I was hoping it would take off and cover the hydrant, but it hasn't really done anything yet. It has grown a little bit, but not like what I had hoped.

The only thing THRIVING in my garden is some random vine that is EVERYWHERE. We have a rental behind us and I'm convinced that is where it came from. It grows a good 3 feet a day and wraps around everything. I'm constantly trying to free my poor little plants from strangulation. I've tried to embrace it and when there was nothing in the garden at least it was something, but now I want it to go away!!
If you know what it is and how to get rid of it PLEASE let me know. I am begging!!
Well, that's what happening in my neck of the woods. Very exciting I know.
Happy Wednesday everyone :0)


WSU Laura said...

Hey Laurie Anne,
Um that plant would be morning glory and it is a very invasive plant here. Keep Pulling it as soon as you see a tendril. Here is something I found that might help:

Good luck! Happy Fourth of July!

Marie said...

Laurie, it is wild morning glory and it will kill everything by wrapping around it and eating all the nutrients out of the soil. You can keep pulling or you can spray it with a little roundup. Is the hydrant cemented in the ground? Oh my?! Maybe you could plant some more climbing rose bushes around that? Everything will fill in...and looks great!

Nicole said...

I wish I knew what that weed was and could help you, but I don't I do love the hanging basket though, I love those kind that you put the moss stuff in. Can you tell I'm not much of a gardener!

Cynthia S. said...

I love your blog!! totally great! and that flower basket is sooooo pretty Laurie!

Sandy said...

You have to use Roundup at the root and keep is pretty though..

Lisa said...

Hi Girly!!
Ive been ssoooooo delinquent about my blogging, and am sorry.
I love your invasive morning glory. NOT!!! get it out-wsu laura is right, you no wanna that plant. It will choke everything else out. totally..
unless you like that kinda thing..
love and hugs from the beach chicklet!!
coastal nest

RoBiN's ReST said...

Found THIS blog thru the Nester...and since I worked in a Greenhouse for years and years, let me help you with a few things...the Morning Glory IS what it is...a killer! They are great if you have ONLY those...but they will strangle stuff!
As for your Clematis...try pinching off the ends and that will cause it to branch out. They also will die down to the ground every you'll have to repinch every year. to get them to bush out. As with all roses...try to keep them pruned to a Five-leafed stem...that would be where new growth springs from, so anytime you are cutting off the flowers, which should never be left on the rosebush, take it down to a five leafed section...also allowing the bush to branch out, thereby producing more flowers...same with that the petunias and impatiens in your hayrack planter...pinch them back...bigger plants, and more blooms.