Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I want to be 15 again. Joji is turning 40 later this month and we have been doing a lot of reminiscing about the old days. I think 15 is a really great age. You don't know very much and things are still pretty simple. You can't drive so you have to walk everywhere or take the bus. Half the fun was in the getting there. When you are 15 your friends are everything. There are no jobs or major distractions to cut into your hanging out time. You are not worried about your 401(k) or how much your taxes are going to go up. It's all about Van Halen's new album (yes, good old vinyl), what's playing at the mall theaters and at whose house are you going to spend the night. Simple, simple, simple. No one had any real problems and everyone got along. I miss those days.


Jenny said...

No. 15 was full of worries (mostly unfounded) and angst for me. I think the 20s might be a better place.

Like your new background.

debra said...

Ah, memories! The livin' was pretty easy back then, wasn't it?

It just dawned on me - both our hubbys will be 40 @ the end of this month - my hubby's b'day is th 29th. He seems to be handling it (or the thought of it) okay so far. :)

WSU Laura said...

I completely 100% agree.Ah the memories.

Lisa said...

So with you chick! Awesome post and I think 15 would be a great do over.
Van Halen rocked it!