Friday, October 24, 2008

Not since 1998...

This is basically what I looked like yesterday at 3:30. I subbed yesterday in an all day K class. Up until now all my subbing has been half days and that has been just fine with me. But when someone calls you and asks you personally to sub, it is kind of hard to say no. Plus the unexpected fuel pump replacement in Joj's car put a dent in the old family budget, so I figured why not?

I must admit I was nervous. It was an integrated K which means there are kids with special needs in there (there was also an assistant which was very helpful). "IK"'s really range in the severity of disabilities, but in this class there were just a few kids with speech issues. I was very pleased that the day went pretty well. No screaming matches and chair throwing like my stint in the "regular ed" K. Yup, the class was great and the teacher had them doing all kinds of fun projects. Her room was set up so wonderfully (you can tell soooo much about a teacher by their room) and the kids were very well trained (another sign of a good teacher)

By the end of the day I was pooped. I started thinking and realized that the last time I taught a full day of school was in 1998! Yikes, that was 10 years ago. Not only that, I didn't have to come home to a family that needed stuff like food and attention :0) I was so glad that Joj's sister was coming over to make dinner. Is it just me or food taste sooo much better when someone else makes it. Needless, to say I hit the hay early last night.
If I ever decide to take this subbing thing seriously, I think I could work every day. I got 5 calls last night and I've already gotten 2 this morning. The last call was for a job that started in 20 minutes. Hmmmmm, that's not good.

Today I'm testing for a couple of hours then I'm off to the grocery store to pick up last minute items for Joji's present. 24 hours to go and I can't wait. It is going to be fantabulous!!

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debra said...

I subbed for a while and getting called at 5:30 am was hard for me. I like to plan ahead more. Glad you had someone to cook for you yesterday. yea! :)