Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've got a secret...

Joji is turning 40 on Thursday (poor guy)
To make the passing of his youth a little more bearable I have gotten him a really great gift. I have been working on this for 5 months. I am now only days away from seeing the look on his face when he sees it and I'm going insane.
I am not one for keeping secrets so this has been sooooooo hard for me. He has absolutely no idea what it is and if he didn't read this blog, I would spill the beans here. Even though his actual bday is on Thursday, he has to wait until Saturday. I'm hoping this gift will make him feel like a kid again. Any guesses??


Timi said...

A 66 Chevelle with cragger wheels. Listen to a little Molly Hatchet, Ac/Dc, Then your going to go parking! :-)
I can't wait to see what you did. It's killing me!

debra said...

Can't wait to hear what the secret is. I am horrible at guessing.