Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goodies to Go

Once a week, Joj has to make the long trek up to Everett for work. It is a long drive for everyone so to make it a little less awful I try and send along a little something. The group seems to be fond of coffee cakes which could not be easier to make. This week I'm sending up a sweet cream cheese coffee cake. I'm going a little Sandra Lee and basically doctoring up a box mix, but the filling is pretty tasty. I'm just waiting for it to cool and then I'm going to glaze it. The real recipe is here.

The best part about whipping up this little gem is that it is leaving the house and all that will come back will be an empty plate. I love to bake, but unfortunately it results in baked goods. I've joined D'lyn's 25 in 21. A little accountability group to loose those extra pounds before schools out. It fits with the decluttering of the body resolution so I figured what the hey.


Jenny said...

I read the recipe and it sounds delicious!
I too am trying to lose the kilos gained over Christmas before school goes back in a week (I have been really good all January)

chelsea said...

It looks so tasty!
Nice post!

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