Monday, August 13, 2007

Dish Towel Wisdom

A few years ago Martha did a segment on vintage embroidered dish towels. She especially was fond of the days of the week kind that showed the various duties of a good homemaker. Monday was wash day. Of course Martha shared memories of Nutley, NJ and her own mother looking forward to Mondays. The house was quiet with kids off at school and she was able to do the wash in peace.
Now I have ALWAYS struggled with laundry. It always seems to be everywhere except put away. I used to dread Sundays because that I would be spent doing laundry as opposed to fun stuff with the family. It was drudgery and I hated it.
So one night I can't sleep, I'm surfing the net and I find a picture of a bed that has pillows made from vintage "chore" towels. Very cute. So I start to search for towels on ebay. Every set proclaimed Monday as washday. This reminded me of the Martha segment and I thought I would give it a shot. Well, what can I say, I'm convinced. It is so much easier to to the laundry on Mondays. The house seems more quiet and it is during the "work week", so it feels more productive than something eating up my free time. I can usually get everything done in 3-4 loads and I save bedding for Thursdays (much less overwhelming)
All in all I'm pretty happy with myself. Who knows what other days of the week chores I may adopt. It is interesting how different the chose can be. But the one day that seems to be pretty sacred it's Monday's Washday. (Of course, this is usually followed by Tuesday - Ironing, yeah right, as if) :0


Marie said...

When I was a SAHM Mondays were always cleaning day. The house was "lived in" over the weekend. I changed sheets, I vacuumed, I dusted, I scrubbed toilets and most of all I did laundry. Now that I am working outside the house everyday is laundry day just so I can keep on top of things. The hardest part for me? Putting the laundry away after it is done. Maybe I need to re-do my laundry room so it is nice and pretty and then maybe I won't let the clean clothes pile up down there. Love the vintage dish towel. I am in love with pretty this is right up my alley!!!

Jenny said...

I am like Marie. I try and wash everyday or I would never cope. Although there is always a disgusting amount of washing to be folded waiting for me. That is the job I hate the most (well, no... ironing is!)